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Learnerator is the best test preparation software on the web. The questions cover every part of the AP psychology curriculum.  The written and video explanations of the questions make even the most difficult concept easy to understand.

Tests For Northwest

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Unit 1 Test Introduction
Unit 2 Test Research Methods
Unit 3 Test Neurons
Unit 3 Test The Brain
Unit 4 Test Sensation 
Unit 4 Test Perception
Unit 5 Test Consciousness
Unit 6 Test Learning
Unit 7 Test Memory
Unit 8 Test Cognition
Unit 9 Test Motivation & Emotion
Unit 10 Test Human Development
Unit 11 Test Abnormal Psychology
Unit 12 Test Therapies
Unit 13 Test Social Psychology

Montgomery College Tests

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Unit 1 Test
Chapter 1 Test Introduction
Chapter 2 Test Research
Chapter 3 Test Neuroscience
Chapter 5 Test Consciousness
Chapter 6 Test Memory
Chapter 7 Test Learning
Chapter 8 Test Emotion
Chapter 10 Test Intelligence
Chapter 13 Test Social Psych
Chapter 14 Abnormal Psychology
Chapter 15 Therapies

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