Instructional Resources

Dr. Swope has created and collected a vast repository of instructional resources including hundreds of psychology related videos and downloadable software.

Cool Things for Teachers

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Subliminal program – This nifty little program allows instructors to show an image of their choosing such as a picture of an animal throughout a lecture at subliminal speeds. While the applications to the consciousness and perception units are obvious, this program is particularly useful in reviewing concepts in the research unit. A pre-lecture warm up such as asking students to list an animal can be used for baseline data collection. The speed at which the image is shown and the number of times the image is shown can be set as the independent variables. After the lecture during which the image of an animal is shown periodically and unknown to students, the instructor can ask student to list what animal pops in their mind. A debrief is a great way to reinforce research concepts.

Fun Supplemental Teaching Videos

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Research Videos
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Dr. Swope's Lecture Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Research
Unit 3 Neurons
Unit 3 Brain
Unit 4 Sensation
Unit 5 Perception
Unit 6 Consciousness
Unit 7 Learning
Unit 8 Memory
Unit 9 Cognition
Unit 10 Intelligence
Unit 11 Emotion
Unit 12 Motivation & Stress
Unit 13 Development
Unit 14 Mental Illness
Unit 15 Therapy
Unit 16 Social Psychology

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